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  • Learn to create passive income streams for longer stays at your top destination


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Are you passionate about traveling the world, exploring breathtaking destinations, and embracing new cultures? Do you dream of a life where you can break free from the traditional 9-to-5 grind and experience true financial freedom? Look no further! VOYATIC is here to help you unlock the extraordinary possibilities of traveling while building a sustainable income stream.

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Luxury on a Budget: Insiders Travel Pre-Planner

  • Mastering Your Travel Budget: Expert Strategies for Smart Spending
  • Insider's Guide to Flawless Travel Prep: Better Preparation for Travel
  • Unlocking the Best Travel Deals: Secrets from the Pros
  • ​Demystifying Travel Insurance: Protecting Your Adventures
  • Maximizing Credit Card Rewards: Turning Points into Journeys
  • The Ultimate Savings Blueprint: Fund Your Dream Vacation Faster

Adventurer's Financial Survival Kit: Mastering Money On-the-Move

  • Navigating Financial Waters Abroad: Money Management Mastery
  • ​Carry Smarts: What to Have on You When Exploring New Lands
  • ​Stretch Your Dollar Further: Maximizing Your Taravel Budget
  • ​Prepared for Anything: Mastering Emergencies Abroad
  • Travel Hacker's Guide: Money-Saving Hacks Only the Pros Know

Unleashed in Paradise: Mastering Your Destination Like a Local

  • Experience More, Spend Less: Optimal Enjoyment on a Minimal Budget
  • ​Gratuity Grace: Mastering the Art of Tipping Etiquette Worldwide
  • Bargain Like a Local: Unraveling the Secrets of Successful Haggling
  • Culinary Treasures: Discover the Tastiest Authentic Local Foods

Jet-Set to Financial Reset: Mastering Post-Travel Wealth Building

  • Stability with Mutual Funds and ETFs: Generating Consistent Passive Income for Your Portfolio
  • Understanding Post-Travel Financial Impact: Gauging the Long-Term Goals
  • Recovering from Travel Debts: Practical Steps to Bounce Back
  • Passive Income in Crypto: Building Wealth Through Digital Currencies
  • The 20-Day Wealth Detox: Refining Finances, Eliminating Destructive Habits

When you choose all guides, you get this extra guide for free!

Bachelor's Black Book: Unlock the
Forbidden Secrets of International Dating

  • Venus World Map: A Color-Coded Guide to Female Cooperation Globally
  • First Love Abroad: Top Countries for Novice International Daters
  • Swipe Right Around the World: Best Cities and Countries for Tinder Success
  • Digital Charm: Perfecting Your International Dating Profile
  • European Elegance: A Single Man's Dating Overview
  • ​Exotic East: An Introduction to Dating in Asia
  • Latin Love: Unraveling Dating Dynamics in LATAM
  • ​The Taxi Trade: Decoding Local Commissions and Tips
  • ​Global Match: Best Countries for Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge
  • ​The Overseas Search: Can You Find a Wife Abroad?
  • ​Meeting Points: Prime Locations to Encounter Women
  • ​First Impressions: Mastering the Cold Approach Abroad
  • Ahead Of The Curve: Deep Dive Understanding Of The Dynamics Of Sugar Dating

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Use this budget visualizer tool to stay on top of your finances.


Here’s what to pack for your travels.

Contact List

Learn the essential steps to take and resources to utilize in case you face an emergency while traveling abroad.

Post Travel
Financial Checklist

Refer to this comprehensive list for guidance on realigning and managing your finances effectively after your travels.

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Skylar DeRouen, a 20 year veteran of the United States Air Force, used his military experience to build a finance company for travelers.

"When my supervisor was retiring, he confessed his financial struggles due to debts and a lack of 401K contributions. His words served as a wake-up call. I took his advice to heart, investing wisely for 20 years. Now, not only am I financially stable, but I'm also passionate about helping others. This led me to build a business centered around financial literacy," said DeRouen.

Initially, DeRouen was hosting speaking events for military members and their spouses. He taught on topics like budgeting tactics, how to get out of debt, and setting up investment accounts for children. He’s since transitioned his company to teach everyone about better financial habits and freedom, specifically travelers

“I’m a big traveler. I’ve traveled to over 30 countries. I know that travelers have questions on everything from budgeting to the hot spots to go to. Also, how to make income while traveling is another common question I get. I’ve been obsessed with financial services like Morningstar and learning how to grow my investments. My military career and degree in finance provided me with the necessary tools to build this platform with success.”

DeRouen has gained a large social media following. He currently has over 55,000 followers on YouTube who follow him for his travel advice and cinematography.

56,000+ YouTube Subscribers

30+ Countries Visited

14 Years Living Abroad

19 Years Stock Market Experience

10 Years Entrepreneur Experience

Bachelor of Science in Finance

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Voyatic offers digital travel guides designed to enhance your traveling experiences, equipping you with the knowledge, tools, and strategies to make the most of your adventures. Whether you're traveling on a budget, navigating foreign finances, or looking to experience destinations like a local, our guides have got you covered.

Yes, each of the 4 main products can be purchased separately according to your needs.

When you purchase all 4 products as a bundle, you receive the 5th exclusive product "Bachelor's Black Book: Unlock the Forbidden Secrets of International Dating" for free. This bundle provides comprehensive guidance for all aspects of your travel journey.

All Voyatic products are available in both eBook and video formats, ensuring a versatile and engaging learning experience for our users.

Once you complete your purchase, you will receive access to a members-only site where you can view and download your eBooks and videos.

The "Bachelor's Black Book" is an exclusive bonus and is only available when you purchase the bundle of all 4 main products. It's our way of offering added value to those who choose the complete Voyatic experience.

No, all prices are one-time fees for the products. Once you purchase, you have lifetime access to the materials on the membersite. There are no hidden costs or recurring charges.

Whether you're a seasoned traveler, someone planning their first big trip, or even if you're just looking to explore a new destination like a local, Voyatic's range of products caters to all. Our guides are designed to provide value to both novice and experienced travelers alike.

Skylar DeRouen is a 20-year veteran of the United States Air Force. Inspired by personal experiences and the financial struggles of a retiring supervisor, Skylar used his military background and passion for financial literacy to establish a finance company tailored for travelers. With travels to over 30 countries, Skylar merges his extensive travel knowledge with his financial acumen to help others. Skylar has a strong presence on YouTube with over 55,000 followers. You can follow him there for a blend of travel tips, financial guidance, and impressive cinematography.